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About Us


I frequently get asked about the name of my shop and where it comes from. ABEDNEGO is from one of my favorite stories in the bible.  It tells the story of three men (one being Abednego) that were thrown into a fiery furnace but because of their faith they came out alive.  I like to relate that to our lives today,  a big part of life is being thrown into situations and circumstances that might not be ideal or necessarily wanted.  Time and time again we battle these circumstances to find ourselves coming out alive because of our faith.  We have to choose to learn and grow from those situations.  This shop is a testimony to that, because of the trials in my life I have been able to grow and be where I am today.  I hope you find strength and continue to have faith everyday because you are worth it.



ABEDNEGO is located in the Germantown neighborhood at 1212 4th Ave N in Nashville, TN.  615-712-6028  Come see us if you're in town!

To contact us please send an email to: ABEDNEGOBOUTIQUE@GMAIL.COM + someone will get back to you within 24hrs!